Could Dinosaurs Live in the Modern World?

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Could Dinosaurs Live in the Modern World?

Pop culture has made the idea of living alongside dinosaurs sound fascinating, albeit mildly terrifying. These reptiles came in many shapes and sizes. While some were docile, others were strategic hunters, always ready to strike.

Movies like Jurassic Park make it appear that we could bring the historic reptiles back to life with the right technology and some dino DNA. However, Earth was a very different place during the Mesozoic Era. All this begs the question—could dinosaurs live in the modern world? We’ll dive into just that below!

What if the Asteroid Never Hit?

The asteroid would’ve had to miss Earth or not exist in our hypothetical world. Some dinosaur species would’ve continued going extinct, as scientists noticed some numbers were dwindling. After all, the asteroid wasn’t the only catastrophic event; some experts hypothesize that volcanos were also erupting.

But while some species weren’t doing great, others were at their peak around this time. Without the asteroid, they could’ve continued existing. This goes for herbivores and carnivores—as long as herbivores had plants to feast on, carnivores had food to hunt.

However, this doesn’t mean those reptiles could still exist today as we know them since many would evolve with time. Since no one was alive back then, and we’re still learning more about dinosaurs each day, it’s hard to answer whether these beasts would’ve lived in an asteroid-less world.

Could Dinosaurs Live Today?

Since some movies depict scientists bringing dinosaurs back to life with technology, you may still wonder if dinosaurs could live in the modern world through cloning. While this makes for a great story, it’s also unlikely that the dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago could survive today.


This is mainly because Earth’s temperature is vastly different than it was back then. For instance, during the Mesozoic Era, the poles weren’t frozen.

Oxygen Levels

Furthermore, oxygen levels and the overall atmosphere have also changed. If we brought back a creature from millions of years ago, it would rely on the food, oxygen level, and temperature during the Mesozoic Era. Since the animals wouldn’t naturally evolve in this situation, there’s less chance they’d survive.

Food Scarcity

Finally, food scarcity poses another problem for these prehistoric reptiles. Due to deforestation, there’s less greenery for herbivores to eat, which decreases their survival rates. In turn, this would likely decrease the chance of carnivorous dinosaurs surviving, as it would throw off the food pyramid.

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