4 Different Tyrannosauridae You May Not Know About

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4 Different Tyrannosauridae You May Not Know About

When many of us hear “tyrannosaurus,” we usually think of the mighty T-Rex, but that wasn’t the only dinosaur within the Tyrannosaurid family. The size of each of these dinosaurs varied, and they lived in several regions of our world. One thing all these tyrant animals had in common was that they were fearsome prehistoric predators. Get to know four different Tyrannosauridae you may not know about.

Nanotyrannus Lancensis (Speculative)

Although the T-Rex was a massive tyrannosaurus, we cannot say the same for every beast potentially within this family line. Creatures such as the Nanotyrannus were smaller, as shown through their name—it means pygmy tyrant.

Some scientists suspect this dinosaur was not its own species but a juvenile T-Rex. This theory came about in part because the Nanotyrannus lancenis had a similar look to the T-Rex, albeit smaller. It also lived at the same time and in the region as the apex predator.

Tarbosaurus Bataar

Next is the Tarbosaurus bataar, which ruled over Central Asia in the Late Cretaceous Period. Like the T-Rex, this carnivorous theropod was massive and had little arms. Tarbosaurus bataar hunted their prey, though they likely scavenged on dead dinosaurs. Another trait this beast shares with the mighty T-rRx is that it is the apex predator of its region, placing it at the top of the food chain.

Daspletosaurus Torosus

The Daspletosaurus torosus was another Tyrannosauridae you may not know about, and this beast lived near the end of the Cretaceous period. These beasts were eight to nine meters long and ruled over the region, now North America’s western hemisphere. The Daspletosaurus torosus had incredibly sharp claws and teeth, which it used to hunt other dinosaurs, including large herbivores.

Nanuqsaurus Hoglundi

The final member of the Tyrannosaurid family that we’ll discuss today is the Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, which was among various species of polar dinosaurs. This cousin of the T-Rex was smaller in size, as most fossils show it was only about three meters tall.

So, how did they survive in the Arctic? Similar to other arctic dinos, Nanuqsaurus may have been able to regulate their body temperature. Moreover, the earth was much warmer during the Cretaceous period, as this was one of the hottest eras in the planet’s history.

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