4 Theories About What Killed the Dinosaurs

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4 Theories About What Killed the Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were among the most magnificent creatures to ever walk our planet. These prehistoric reptiles were enormous and different from the animals we see today. Sadly, a catastrophic event occurred on Earth that wiped out many species—some survived and evolved. Delve into the theories about what killed the dinosaurs.

Failure To Evolve

The only way species can survive, as far as we know, is by constantly adjusting to the ever-changing world. These adaptations naturally occur as many animals are more likely to survive and breed; they pass those genes down to their offspring, which leads to species-wide changes over thousands or millions of years. Some scientists hypothesize that most dinosaur species failed to evolve, so as Earth changed, they couldn’t keep up biologically.

Climate Change

During its development, Earth underwent various atmospheric changes, which natural factors such as volcanic activity contributed to. Potential increases in volcanic activity would alter the gas compounds in the atmosphere, which can contribute to changes in climate.

Since most species of dinosaurs required specific temperatures and climates to survive, this shift could have increased the extinction of some species. Many scientists believe that climate change led to the start of dinosaurs dying off but would not have killed off every species of dinosaur.

The Asteroid

Many of us know or have heard about the asteroid theory: a massive asteroid collided with Earth, causing catastrophic damage. Species near the impact zone died immediately when the meteor hit Earth. The sheer energy of the massive rock colliding with our planet would’ve vaporized them.

Additionally, after the impact, much of the planet became covered in a heavy cloud of dust, which blocked the sun and caused temperatures on Earth to plummet. This sudden alteration in the planet’s temperature would kill various animal and plant species, causing a ripple effect throughout the food chain.

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One reason this theory is popular is that we have some evidence for it—the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

A Mix of Events

Although there are numerous theories about what killed the dinosaurs, it is most likely that a mix of events led to the downfall of these prehistoric beasts. Some scientists theorize that the impact of the asteroid led to other catastrophic events, including a volcanic eruption.

Moreover, since numerous species, such as the T-rex, failed to evolve, they could not escape and died. As species descending from the Velociraptor branched off and became birds, and this would enable the species to escape to higher ground.

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