4 Dinosaurs That T. Rex Would Have Been Afraid Of

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4 Dinosaurs That T. Rex Would Have Been Afraid Of

Almost all of us consider the T. rex the king of beasts. After all, what does a predator have to be afraid of if it stands at the top of the food pyramid? Although not many other apex predators coexisted with the T. rex, that didn’t make it the ruler of the Mesozoic era. Get to know some of the terrifying dinosaurs that the T. rex would have been afraid of if they had come face to face.


The Spinosaurus lived in what is now Africa, so it never would have met the T. rex, which lived predominantly in the modern US states of Montana and Wyoming. However, had these two run into one another, the T. rex would have likely run in the other direction.

The Spinosaurus was around the same height as the T. rex, but it was longer. Plus, you have to remember that the height of the Spinosaurus doesn’t count the sail along its back. The Spinosaurus was therefore much larger than the T. rex. It’s quite likely that a T. rex would have feared a Spinosaurus due to the latter’s size and fighting ability.


The Giganotosaurus is the next terrifying dinosaur that the T. rex would have feared. Similar to the Spinosaurus, this dinosaur never would have met a T. rex, since it lived in what is now Argentina. For the sake of fun, let’s say these two did meet. The T. rex may have feared a Giganotosaurus because the latter was 39 to 43 feet long, while the largest T. rex was only about 40 feet long. Moreover, Giganotosaurus used its paws to slash at and cut prey, making it a worthy competitor.

Siats Meekerorum

The Siats meekerorum is a predator that paleontologists have more recently unearthed, and many believe it could scare even the T. rex. Scientists have yet to find a full-grown fossil, but they assume the Siats must have been much larger than a Tyrannosaurus rex because juvenile Siats were 30 feet long! Therefore, this predator already had a major competitive edge over the tyrant lizard in size alone.

The Siats meekerorum and Tyrannosaurs rex never crossed paths, as they lived during different parts of the Cretaceous period. Interestingly, the Siats did live in similar regions as the T. rex; paleontologists have found fossils in Utah.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

It’s strange to think that an animal could fear its own species, but that may have been the case with a fierce dinosaur such as the T. rex. After all, these prehistoric predators were tactful hunters and weren’t afraid of a fight. A T. rex could easily take on a member of its kind if the other were smaller or weaker; they were known to fight over food, resources, or potential mates.

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