How Modern Tools Are Reviving Ancient Dinosaur Worlds

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How Modern Tools Are Reviving Ancient Dinosaur Worlds

Scientists have spent decades digging up dinosaur bones and learning about prehistoric reptiles. Over the years, technological advancements have aided this process and made it more efficient. Specific technologies such as computed tomography, 3D modeling, and AI have all transformed paleontology. Read on to find out how modern tools are reviving ancient dinosaur worlds.

Digital Viewing Prehistoric Life

While fossilized bones give us an idea of dinosaurs’ basic structure, they don’t paint the full picture. Skeletal remains show us the size and shape of an animal; however, digital tools allow us to take things a step further.

Using specific techniques on fossilized remains, such as computed tomography (CT) scanning, allows researchers to create 3D models of dinosaurs. Through 3D modeling and reconstruction, scientists can also run virtual tests to determine how specific species may have moved based on their skeletal structure.

Digital Restoration of Remains

Another way modern tools are reviving ancient dinosaur worlds is by allowing us to digitally restore fossils. Scientists can reconstruct damaged or incomplete remains by evaluating fossils and utilizing technology to create virtual models. Doing this helps facilitate more in-depth species research by virtually restoring the creature to what it probably looked like.

For instance, a group of paleontologists may unearth fragments of a dinosaur’s skull. With technology, they can work around the damage, spot areas of symmetry, and recreate an image of how the beast may have appeared in life.

The Assistance of AI

Thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), scientists can further revolutionize their research. This is because it’s easier for AI to track patterns in the shape and structure of remains than the human eye naturally could.

Safer Research Storage

Relying on physical files comes with major risks—damage or loss of the data means starting from square one on research. Thanks to computers and options such as saving files to cloud storage, there’s less concern over paleontologists losing days or years of hard work.

Technological advancements also allow for easier collaboration between researchers, as sharing and accessing data from anywhere in the world is easier. By keeping experts connected, it’s easier to exchange theories about dinosaurs and increase the chances of making discoveries.

Can We Recreate Actual Dinosaurs?

As technology advances, many may wonder whether we can bring back dinosaurs as they do in fictitious films such as Jurassic Park. It’s hard to say whether scientists would even do it if they could, as this raises an ethical question: Do we bring back what naturally died off?

Although we can make virtual models, we couldn’t recreate a breathing dinosaur as we do not have any DNA from the prehistoric beasts to do this. Even if we did, it’s unlikely that dinosaurs could live in the modern world due to the difference in atmosphere and climate compared to the Mesozoic Era.

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