3 Fun Facts Everyone Should Know About Dinosaur Day

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3 Fun Facts Everyone Should Know About Dinosaur Day

Dinosaur Day is exactly what it sounds like—a day dedicated to celebrating the massive lizards that once ruled our planet! This is the perfect time for prehistoric lovers to celebrate their passion and share their knowledge with others. In this article, we’ve detailed several fun facts everyone should know about Dinosaur Day!

We Celebrate It Twice

We celebrate International Dinosaur Day on the third Tuesday of May, the 21st of this year. If that’s not enough celebratory time, we honor these beasts again on June 1st. Plan out your time accordingly so that you can get in plenty of dino-centric festivities.

We Don’t Know Exactly When It Started

It’s hard to say exactly when Dinosaur Day became an official holiday, but most enthusiasts agree that it was sometime in the early 2000s. Around this time, many individuals developed a love for prehistoric beasts thanks to pop culture. Although movies like Jurassic Park aren’t entirely accurate, they did spark a public love for these prehistoric beasts outside of the scientific community.

There Are Countless Ways To Celebrate

Another fun fact everyone should know about Dinosaur Day is that there are countless ways to celebrate. Unlike other holidays, where there are specific traditions many of us follow, Dinosaur Day is simply about honoring our favorite prehistoric beasts. You can celebrate in any way you see fit. Some ideas include:

  • Going to a museum
  • Watching dinosaur movies
  • Doing dino-centric crafts
  • Reading scientific articles
  • Making dinosaur-inspired snacks

Additionally, you could plan a trip to visit a dinosaur-centric attraction such as Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, TX, or the Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal, UT. Decide how you want to celebrate in advance so that you can spend all of Dinosaur Day enjoying yourself and learning about these prehistoric animals.

Bonus Dino Fun Facts for Dinosaur Day

To help you kick off Dinosaur Day, check out these fun facts about these beasts.

When and Where Dinosaurs Lived

Countless species of dinosaurs walked various corners of our planet throughout the Mesozoic period, which was around 245 to 66 million years ago. When these prehistoric reptiles roamed the earth, there was only a single supercontinent known as Pangea, which broke apart to create the seven distinct continents we know in the modern era.

They Only Lived on Land

Many people assume dinosaurs lived on land, swam in the seas, or took to the skies. Although there are prehistoric animals that fit each of these categories, the term “dinosaur” refers only to the prehistoric reptiles living on land. Creatures that flew, such as the Pterodactyl, comprised a group of flying reptiles that cannot be distinguished as dinosaurs.

The T. Rex Didn’t Roar

When we think of the tyrant lizard, we often assume it had a mighty roar. After all, most entertainment movies depict this. However, many paleontologists believe the T. rex was more likely to make a cooing sound than a booming roar.

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