Could a Pack of Velociraptors Take Down a Triceratops?

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Could a Pack of Velociraptors Take Down a Triceratops?

Many know the Velociraptor was a fierce beast and believe it went after dinosaurs of various shapes and sizes. Some may even wonder if a pack of Velociraptors could take down a Triceratops. After all, these raptors were always searching for their next meal, and killing a Triceratops could feed a group for days. Find out which beast would come out on top if these raptors set their sights on a sole Triceratops.

What Triceratops Bring

The Triceratops were quite a bit larger than the Velociraptor, weighing around 6 to 12 tons, while a Velociraptor only weighed 31 to 43 pounds. Due to the difference in sheer size, quite a few Velociraptors would need to attack the Triceratops.

Additionally, a Triceratops has large horns, which it could use to lift and throw the smaller raptor while moving its head around. Doing this could scare off or possibly kill some of the Velociraptors attacking it.

What Velociraptors Bring

Alone, a Velociraptor doesn’t stand much of a chance against a large herbivore like a member of the ceratopsian’s family. However, in theory, a pack of Velociraptors could take down a Triceratops. This theory could be possible largely because Velociraptors were highly intelligent, quick, and had razor-sharp claws. Working in a group would give the prehistoric animal the upper hand to surround and possibly overpower lone triceratops.

As carnivores, Velociraptors have a natural prey drive, which leaves them determined to capture their target. That inherent desire could boost the raptors and encourage them to attack the Triceratops to death.

Did Velociraptors Hunt Triceratops?

Ultimately, a pack of Velociraptors hunting Triceratops was impossible as both dinosaurs lived in different regions. Velociraptors lived in modern-day Asia while Triceratops were in North America, so they never could’ve crossed paths.

Moreover, while Velociraptors were carnivorous, that doesn’t mean they hunted every source of meat in the area. It’s more likely that the dinosaur preyed on weaker and smaller animals since that makes for a more efficient hunt. Paleontologists also suspect that the Velociraptor scavenged or stole food from other dinosaurs, making it even more unlikely that the beast would waste its time tracking a Triceratops.

It’s also worth noting that scientists don’t have enough proof that Velociraptors pursued prey in groups; this hunting tactic is solely a theory. Therefore, there is no definite answer, as paleontologists discover new facts about dinosaurs each day.

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