Creating a Diorama for Your Dinosaur Action Figures

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The Best Way to Make A Great Diorama

The Easiest Way to a Great Diorama: Mother Nature

One of the simplest ways to showcase your tough-skinned reptilians is to take them in a forest-like area, or by a stream in a park, a desert, or even a beach with sand could make for some awesome shots. The best part about taking photos outdoors with your dinosaur action figures is that your photos will benefit from actual lighting, real world scale, easy set up, and lets just face it your dinosaurs will look cool in the great outdoors. Make sure you pose your Beasts of The Mesozoic to sell the idea that they are interacting with the environment that you set up for them. The camera you use ultimately depends on what you plan to use the photo for, the latest Iphone 15 is great for toy photography for posting on social media. If you want to take things to the next level and maybe be featured in a magazine then you may want to grab a Nikon, or a Canon. At the end of the day all that matters is the end result.

Creating an Indoors Diorama

If you want control over your lighting it may be best to recreate a scene inside and control the direction and position of your lighting. You can take rocks from outdoors and add to your diorama, as well as foliage from outdoors. You can also use small amounts of glue and add your own foliage to your diorama.

Check Out Your Local Hobby Store

Alternatively you could always buy a foliage pack from your local hobby store, along with other cools thing for your diorama. Cotton is great for a fire effect if your dinosaur was near a volcano just imagine the possibilities.

The Wet Effect

Resin is another great way to portray your beasts wading in the water, although resin is meant for a more permanent solution your dinosaur will be frozen in time in a blue transparent looking substance.

Use The Old Toys with The New

Mix the old with the new. Dust off those old toys and add them to your diorama. Soldiers, damaged vehicles, etc, can bring your diorama from past to present in a heart beat. Try recreating a scene from your favorite dinosaur movie such as Jurassic Park, Land Before Time, or a documentary.

Enhance Your Final Shots

It is not a crime to take your photos and enhance the final in a photo editing software, in fact some of the worlds best photographers do just that. Photoshop is a great way to professionally edit your photos tweaking things such as the overall color balance, adjusting the curves or levels, sharpened certain areas of focus and blurring others to creating depth of field. Experiment and have fun to make sure your Dinosaur Action Figures look the best they can be.

Another great option is that you can purchase accessory packs to add to your diorama such as Beasts of The Mesozoic Accessory Packs

Photo by Greg Accetta

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