First look at the heroic Dragon Clan!

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We have another visual treat today as we delve further into the world of Cyberzoic. Here’s our first look at the heroic Dragon Clan, with more amazing concept art from Raph Lomotan!
‘The youngest of the human clans, the Dragon Clan are man’s first true attempt to work with the native species and live among them in balanced harmony. While the Fire Clan outwardly expresses this intention as well, the humans and the dragons of that clan remain divided, each waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of the other. The Dragon Clan is made up of human defectors, nomads, and those living in neutral territories all seeking to stop this conflict before it consumes the entire planet. By pooling their resources and knowledge of the land with the remaining Dragons and other native wildlife, they’ve organized an imposing defense for the natural world. While this alliance has been several hundred years in the making, it was ultimately decided that if either species ever hopes to find peace, they must work together as one.’

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