How Many Eggs Can a T. Rex Lay at One Time?

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How Many Eggs Can a T. Rex Lay at One Time?

The fittest members must have offspring for a species to survive, so their genes carry one. This is the case for all animals, including prehistoric reptiles like dinosaurs and, more specifically, the T. rex. The number of eggs a dinosaur laid was vital to the species’ survival since laying more increased the chances of several offspring surviving into adulthood. Read on to learn how many eggs a T. rex could lay at one time. We’ll also discuss what kind of parents these dinosaurs were and what a baby T. rex was like.

How Many Eggs Did T. Rex Lay?

While paleontologists still don’t know how many eggs this dinosaur could lay, most agree that it was around 20 at a time. Scientists gathered this information from fossils of various Tyrannosaur species they’ve uncovered since we have yet to find a fossilized T. rex nest.

Keep in mind that laying 20 eggs does not mean each nest had 20 babies. Eggs can fail to hatch for many reasons, and some hatchlings could die in the first days of life.

What Were T. Rex Parents Like?

Now that we’ve covered how many eggs a T. rex could lay at one time, let’s explore how this species parented their young. After all, caring for 20 baby dinosaurs sounds like a lot of work. The T. rex most likely sat on their nest to keep their eggs protected and warm like most modern birds.

Moreover, these dinosaurs likely stayed near their young for the early days of life. Most paleontologists theorize that the T. rex would raise and help guide its young, perhaps teaching their offspring a few hunting tactics.

What Were T. Rex Babies Like?

Compared to adult T. rex, the babies were puny as they weren’t much larger than the modern turkey. Moreover, the babies were likely covered in feathers to help them keep warm. These dinosaurs grew for about 20 years before reaching their full adult size.

These creatures were helpless and relied on their parents for protection in the early days of life. However, with danger lurking around each corner of the Mesozoic era and countless hungry predators wandering about, many baby T. rex didn’t survive. This need for survival is a key reason why having multiple eggs helped the species thrive throughout the Cretaceous period.

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