Unmasking the Hunting Strategies of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Unmasking the Hunting Strategies of the Tyrannosaurus Rex

Scientists have uncovered numerous dinosaur species, including a crowd favorite—the T. rex. This massive dinosaur was one of the apex predators ruling during the late Cretaceous Period. Like all predators, these animals had to hunt for their food. Below, we’ve unmasked the hunting strategies of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

They May Have Hunted in Packs

Interestingly, the T. rex had a few different hunting tactics. Some scientists suspect this dinosaur hunted in packs since tracking food in a group increased the chance of succeeding. Many powerful predators we see today—lions, wolves, and dingoes—live and hunt in groups. If the T. rex hunted groups, they most likely communicated with one another to follow and easily attack prey.

They Had Great Endurance

The T. rex wasn’t very fast; its top speed was around 12 miles per hour, and it usually walked at 3 miles per hour. However, this dinosaur did have great endurance. Like a long-distance runner, this dinosaur had the energy to move longer since it didn’t sprint. That speed and superb energy conservation made it easy to keep up with weaker dinosaurs.

A Bonus

Not only could these dinosaurs run fast, but they could also pivot with ease. Circling around made it easy for the Tyrannosaurus rex to turn and grab escaping prey.

They Had Sharp Teeth

Once a T. rex caught a dinosaur, it was usually game over as the predator sunk its razor-sharp teeth into its prey. The mighty bite was enough to break through a dinosaur’s skin and even break bones, which made escape impossible. In fact, Smithsonian Magazine said the T. rex bite force was nearly 13,000 pounds. After crushing its prey, this dinosaur likely slammed it to the ground to ensure its death before feasting on a tasty meal.

What Did They Eat?

As a carnivore, the T. rex would’ve hunted fellow dinosaurs. The real question is, which ones did T. rex track? Most likely, Tyrannosaurus rexes ate fellow beasts of the Mesozoic. Examples of the dinosaurs T. rex likely ate include Edmontosaurus, Triceratops, and Ankylosaurus, along with other small animals.

Moreover, the T. rex scavenged for some of its food, which came in handy when live prey was scarce. Scientists suspect that when scavenging, the T. rex would search out dead animals or steal game from fellow predators. After all, it’s survival of the fittest, and only strong dinosaurs keep up.

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