How Science & Art Combine To Reimagine the Look of Dinosaurs

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How Science & Art Combine To Reimagine the Look of Dinosaurs

Due to their massive size and the mysteries surrounding them, dinosaurs have captured the attention of civilizations for centuries. Specific fields, such as science and art, collaborate to further our understanding of how these creatures lived. While scientists study the biology and evolution of dinosaurs, artists create physical representations based on that evidence. Read on to find out how science and art combine to reimagine the look of dinosaurs.

The Influence of Science

Science gives us information on what dinosaurs looked like, how these prehistoric beasts moved, and how they behaved. Paleontologists study fossils and bone structures to determine the physical build of dinosaurs. By unearthing and assembling the remains of a Stegosaurus, for example, scientists determined that it walked on four legs and had large spines on its back.

Analyzing fossilized footprints or bone beds also helps scientists theorize the social structures among species. By finding large groups of single types of footprints in one area, paleontologists hypothesize that the species may have lived or traveled in a pack.

The Impacts of Art

Where science provides facts and theories about dinosaurs, art lets us reimagine these fascinating beasts. We need creative people to sketch examples of scientifically accurate dinosaurs and figures. Additionally, technological advancements allow artists to create 3D images and even animations of dinosaurs to illustrate how they walked and moved. Artistic depictions can give us a clear idea of what the Mesozoic environment was like. Pairing visual aids with learning makes the experience more fun.

The Perfect Combination

When discussing how science and art combine to reimagine the look of dinosaurs, note that these experts serve collaborative roles: the scientists provide the facts while artists bring them to life. In museums, this means eye-catching exhibits with professional illustrations of what the beast may have looked like in life.

Collaboration is also beneficial for creating dinosaur documentaries and results in interesting and factual films. For instance, a scientist can collect evidence and theories on what Velociraptors looked like and their behaviors. The scientists provide this information to the artist, who uses it to create CGI models of Velociraptors that move on the big screen; this gives viewers an accurate visual aid.

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