Mesozoic Environment: What Was the Earth Like?

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Mesozoic Environment: What Was the Earth Like?

Despite how much many of us dinosaur enthusiasts wish to have had the honor of witnessing these incredible beasts and the environments they traversed… it’s simply impossible. As such, our imaginations will have to do in recreating these amazing lands that are the same grounds we walk on today. It’s a bewildering thought, but the truth is stranger than fiction. As such, you might like to know what the Earth’s environment was like in the Mesozoic era.

Generally Warmer

If you tentatively stepped outside onto Earth’s terrain during the Mesozoic era, it may surprise you to learn that the climate was generally warmer. Scientists believe the environment was very warm, evidenced by the remaining fossils of that time. For example, scientists have discovered ferns in the fossils from the Mesozoic, which is a helpful clue to the climate as ferns cannot tolerate freezing temperatures.

Less Temperature Difference

The most interesting aspect of the Earth’s environment during the Mesozoic era is that there was little temperature difference throughout the continent. Nowadays, we are used to areas on Earth experiencing drastic temperature changes. In the Mesozoic era, you would find that the temperature change between the polar and equatorial latitudes was much less pronounced. In fact, scientists believe the Arctic was around 10 degrees warmer than it is today.

Geologic and Biologic Changes

When we think of the Mesozoic era, we can’t help but think of it as the Age of Reptiles, which many scientists refer to it as. This era was a remarkable moment in Earth’s history. The Earth was going through many geologic and biologic changes that would lead to the land and animals we are familiar with today. You might think of this time as the Earth’s teenage years, going through many changes that would see them through maturation.

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