The Ultimate Guide to Ceratopsian Collectible Action Figures in 2024

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Now is the perfect time to get into collecting Ceratopsian Action Figures. One of the best things about them is that they compliment Tyrannosaur action figures and are great for action scenes. They also make for some nice money shots in a foliage based environment. Here we list the top Ceratopsian action figure collectibles to add to your collection this year.

Top 5 Ceratopsian Collectibles for 2024

    1. 1) ‘Old Buck’ Styracosaurus (Fans’ Choice)

      It doesn’t get any more custom than this! This special Styracosaurus dinosaur has been uniquely designed and chosen by the fans. Consisting of a strong light and dark contrast this Ceratopsian really pops on the shelf.

      Styracosaurus fun facts:

        • The name Styracosaurus translated from Greek means “Spiked Lizard”.
        • The first Styracosaurus was discovered in Canada in 1913, by Lawrence Lambe.
        • Styracosaurus were plant eating dinosaurs.
        • You can visit the following museum to see a Styracosaurus: American Museum of Natural History.


    1. 2) Diabloceratops eatoni
      Diabloceratops eatoni

      Looking for an ambitious and vivid color pattern? Look no further. The Diabloceratops is a great choice to add to your dinosaur collection.

      Diabloceratops fun facts:

        • The first fossil of a Diabloceratops was discovered in Utah in 2002 by James Kirkland.
        • The name Diabloceratops translated from spanish to Horn-Faced Devil.
        • Diabloceratops were known for their unique spiked frill appearance.
        • You can visit the following museum to see a Diabloceratops: National History Museum of Utah.


    1. 3) Medusaceratops lokii (Fans’ Choice)

      The paint job alone is worth it for this fan inspired Ceratopsian. The Medusaceratops is one of those dinosaur action figured that you just have to see in person.

      Medusaceratops fun facts:

        • The first discovery of the Medusaceratops was in 1997 by Scott D. Sampson in Montana.
        • Medusaceratops shared its environment with other dinosaurs, such as theropods and hadrosaurs.
        • This Medusaceratops lived around 78 million years ago


    1. 4) Torosaurus latus
      Torosaurus latus

      This Torosaurus has some really cool patterns near its frill, eye area, and back, oh and its massive to hold with one hand at 18 inches in length, It definitely looks like like a titan among other Ceratopsians.

      Torosaurus fun facts:

        • Torosaurus translate to perforated lizard,
        • The first Torosaurus was discovered in Wyoming in 1891 by John Bell Hatcher.
        • This herbivore lived around 66 million years ago
        • You can visit the following museums to see a Torosaurus: Yale Peabody Museum.


    1. 5) Kosmoceratops richardsoni

      Last but not least is the Kosmoceratops with a red and black skin pattern. This dinosaur has its own personality and shape among the other Ceratopsians.

      Kosmoceratops fun facts:

        • The first Kosmoceratops was discovered in Utah in 2005.
        • The name Kosmoceratops in Greek translates to ‘ornate horned face’.
        • This Ceratopsian lived 76 million years ago
        • You can visit the following museum to see a Kosmoceratops: Natural History Museum.


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