3 Dominant Dinosaurs of the Triassic Period

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3 Dominant Dinosaurs of the Triassic Period

The sun rose on the Age of the Dinosaurs during the Triassic Period, marking the beginning of the Mesozoic Era. During this time, many dinosaurs were on the smaller end, as the species was new to Earth. However, as the Triassic Period went on, many of these reptiles would continue to evolve. Naturally, this allowed predators to climb the food chain and earn titles like dominant and fierce. Get ready to explore three dominant dinosaurs of the Triassic Period.


Many Triassic dinosaurs lived during the Late Triassic Period, and the Procompsognathus is among those animals. Also, like many Triassic dinosaurs, these beasts were small, only measuring around 1 meter long. This carnivore had sharp teeth and walked on two legs and with sharp claws.

Most scientists suspect that the Procompsognathus was agile due to its physical build. Sadly, experts don’t know much about this dinosaur since the fossil of it isn’t in great condition.


The Liliensternus also lived during the Late Triassic and was much larger than the Procompsognathus—measuring 5 meters long. While 16 feet long and 6.5 feet tall may sound pretty big, experts still classify the Liliensternus as a small theropod. Similar to its fellow theropods, this dinosaur walked on its hind legs and used its front claws to slash at prey or to grab food.

Interestingly, Liliensternus was among the largest theropods of the late Triassic, which is a key reason it became a major threat to fellow dinosaurs. These reptiles were also quite fast, so chasing prey wasn’t much of an issue.


The final dominant dinosaur of the Triassic Period was the Gojirasaurus, which may have been the largest meat-eating dinosaur of its time. This prehistoric reptile was roughly 18 feet long. This dinosaur walked on two legs and fed on smaller reptiles. So far, scientists have only uncovered one fossil. There are mixed hypotheses in the scientific community as to whether the Gojirasurus is a species or simply a large Coelophysoidea, another dinosaur of the time.

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