Velociraptor vs. T. Rex Fight: Who Would Win?

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Velociraptor vs. T. Rex Fight: Who Would Win?

Both the tyrannosaurus rex and the Velociraptor were carnivores and fierce predators of the late Cretaceous period. Their fearsome nature is part of what’s made these two dinosaurs among the most popular, but these creatures went extinct millions of years ago. Dinosaur fans wonder which of these two formidable predators would come out on top in a Cretaceous clash. To help put an end to this debate, let’s take a look at the facts behind who would genuinely win in a fight: the velociraptor or the T. rex.

The Velociraptor

Our first contender weighs in at about 100 pounds and stands at six feet tall. Its thin, sleek body, powerful jaw, and jagged rows of teeth make it a fast and deadly predator—after all, the name velociraptor means “quick plunderer.” The velociraptor was bipedal, meaning it would walk and run on its two hind limbs, both of which had a sharp and lethal sickle claw. It would use these strong legs to kick and slash its enemies. Not only was it strong and fast, but it also had quite a large brain, meaning it was smart too. Typically, the velociraptor would eat smaller herbivores, but it wasn’t uncommon for velociraptors to hunt in packs to take down larger dinosaurs.

The T. Rex

Our next contender weighs in at an average of 15,000 pounds and, with its horizontal posture, measures in at a length of about 46 feet long from tail to tip. Its skull is a few centimeters thick, and its set of 60 teeth, each about six inches long, certainly supports the idea, as the movie Jurassic Park depicts, that it could be capable of ripping through a car roof. Even though their legs were much larger than the velociraptor’s, both predators had extremely strong and powerful legs; however, the T. rex’s forelimbs were much smaller. As mentioned, the velociraptor hunted in packs, part of what suggests their high intelligence, but don’t get fooled, the T. rex wasn’t a pack hunter, but it was just as smart.

A Dinosaur Dispute

We have our contenders, but let’s return to the ultimate question— who would win in a fight: the velociraptor or the T. rex? The answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no.

When it comes to a one-on-one fight, the T. rex undoubtedly comes on top. One wrong move and the velociraptor would be in its jaws and down its gullet before it could blink. However, a lone T. rex taking on a pack of velociraptors would be a completely different story.

Velociraptors would use their sickle claws to slash at the stomach of their prey, quickly disemboweling it. Of course, this may be harder to accomplish on a massive T. rex; a pack of velociraptors could easily distract it, allowing the others to strike. Ultimately, if the pack had enough determination, it could take down a T. rex, but in reality, it would take too much energy to do so, and they’d likely prefer other, smaller prey.


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