What Kind of Dinosaur Was the Therizinosaurus?

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What Kind of Dinosaur Was the Therizinosaurus?

You’ve heard of the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex and the arcadian Ankylosaurus, but it’s unlikely you have heard of the Therizinosaurus. At first glance, this incredible beast looks quite frightening. However, the more you inspect it and learn about this amazing creature, the more you can appreciate its wonderful intricacies. That is why it can be so fun to learn more about what kind of dinosaur the Therizinosaurus was.

A Theropod Dinosaur

To get straight to the point, the Therizinosaurs were a type of theropod dinosaur, part of the rather large genus family of Therizinosaurid. Scientists have discovered the Therizinosaurids in a variety of areas, mainly in North America and Asia. Moreover, these creatures existed during the late Cretaceous period, which took place around 100 million years ago. One of the most stunning aspects of the genus Therisinozauridae and, thus, the Theriziniosaurus is its interesting features.

Interesting Features

Now that you know the Therizinosuaurus was a type of theropod dinosaur that existed mostly in Asia and North America during the late Cretaceous period, you’ll likely want to know more about its most interesting features. The Therizinosuaurus was incredibly large and robust, with the ability to grow to amazing heights—even as high as 16 feet tall.

That’s not the only intense, eye-catching feature of this amazing beast, as it also had incredibly large and long claws that bore a striking resemblance to Edward Scissorhands. Sometimes, our imaginations can only carry us so far in visualizing these amazing dinosaurs. At Creative Beast, we are passionate about creating the most accurate and realistic dinosaur action figures around. We have the most incredible looking dinosaur figures for sale that bring these amazing beasts back to life!

Friend or Foe?

When you think about the interesting features of the Therizinosaurus, you likely can’t help but wonder whether they were a friend or foe. However, you’ll find it surprising that the Therizinosaurus was likely a herbivore, which is quite a distinction given that most theropods were carnivorous. However, that didn’t keep the Therizinosaurus out of trouble, as its carnivorous features, such as its teeth, toes, and hips, likely found this dinosaur in arguments with a few dinosaurs from time to time.

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