What Velociraptors Actually Looked Like

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What Velociraptors Actually Looked Like

Velociraptors flourished in the Cretaceous Period, which is the last period of the Mesozoic Era. They are believed to have existed for over 70 million years. They had many defining features that helped scientists identify what Velociraptors actually looked like. Continue reading to learn more!

Appearance and Physical Capabilities

They were bipedal animals, meaning they used two hind limbs to get around. Movies such as Jurassic Park portrayed these beasts as scaly and much larger than they were. There is scientific evidence that demonstrates that they were about seven times smaller than their cinematic versions. They were also dromaeosaurids, which means they were feathered. Some fossils feature quill knobs, proving this to be true.

These creatures had sharp beaks and teeth, and appeared to be very bird-like. However, they could not fly. Additionally, they belonged to a group called theropods, meaning they are characterized as having three-toed limbs. Of these “toes,” Velociraptors had one long, sickle-shaped claw that is believed to have been used to slash prey. Contrary to popular belief about what Velociraptors actually looked like, they had short legs like a turkey, which means they most likely were not very fast and could probably be outrun by a child today.

Hunting and Feeding

Velociraptors were incredibly lightweight for their size. Though they likely weighed about 30 pounds, the length of their bodies from head to tail tip was just over six feet in length. Due to their weight and leg size, they are believed to have been scavengers as opposed to hunters.

These animals were carnivorous and used every tool that they had to find their dinner. They typically consumed animals that were already severely wounded or dead. They used their sharp hook claw to anchor themselves on their meals and tear the meat off with their sharp beaks and teeth. There are fossils of massive dinosaurs with Velociraptors’ teeth marks on their bones, demonstrating the immense strength of their jaws.

Recognizing how Velociraptors looked, ate, and existed allows for a better understanding of the actual creature itself. Creative Beast Studio offers various Velociraptor models to aid in the comprehension of these creatures’ physical makeup. Acquire them all to build your collection of this glorious prehistoric animal!

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