Paleo Diets: What Did Dinosaurs Really Eat?

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Paleo Diets: What Did Dinosaurs Really Eat?

A species must follow many biological rules to thrive, and one of the most important is that eating is essential. After all, food is fuel, and it supplies the body with energy to develop, move, and function. Dinosaurs were no different than the animals today in that respect—each species had a specific diet. Find out what dinosaurs really ate in this article about paleo diets.

Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Although every carnivorous dinosaur did not eat the same thing, one commonality is that they all relied on meat as their primary food source. The exact meats each species ate depended on what was available and where they were in the food chain.

For example, apex predators such as the Spinosaurus or Allosaurus would consider most creatures outside their species group a prey source. Therefore, smaller predators like Velociraptor were a source of prey to larger meat eaters despite being mighty hunters.

Moreover, a dinosaur would only hunt other animals within its area and period. A T. rex would never hunt a Velociraptor, as they lived during different parts of the Cretaceous period; likewise, the T. rex lived in what’s now North America, while Velociraptors lived in the region now known as the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

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Specific carnivores, like the Baryonyx, ate fish as their source of meat. Scientists also believe that some meat-eaters also feasted on prehistoric insects.

Vegetarian Dinosaurs

Like carnivorous dinosaurs, herbivorous dinosaurs would only eat food within their area. Rather than meat, they enjoyed a diet of lush vegetation such as ferns, moss, ginkgoes, and conifers. Herbivorous dinosaurs likely also ate roots, seeds, and other forms of greenery.

Key bodily features of each dinosaur give paleontologists clues as to what the beast likely ate in the Mesozoic landscape. Sauropod dinosaurs were massive and had extra-long necks, which made it easy to access ginkgo leaves. On the other hand, dinosaurs low to the ground, like the Triceratops, likely ate more roots, moss, and cycads.

What About Omnivorous Dinosaurs?

As we explore paleo diets and the details surrounding what dinosaurs really ate, many of us may wonder what about omnivorous dinosaurs. Although various animal species have omnivorous diets consisting of plants and meat, it’s hard to say whether any dinosaurs were omnivores.

Some scientists suspect that specific beasts such as the Citipati and Hagryphus were omnivores due to their agility and medium size. However, there isn’t enough evidence yet to label anything as fact.

Paleontologists continue to hypothesize whether omnivorous dinosaurs existed since there isn’t enough concrete evidence to support their claims. Thanks to dinosaur dental records, we know there were carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs; meat-eating beasts like the T. rex had sharp, serrated teeth. On the other hand, well-known plant eaters such as the Brachiosaurus had flat, rounded teeth.

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