What Was the Average Lifespan of Tyrannosaurus Rex?

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What Was the Average Lifespan of Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions of years, and each individual species had a different lifespan. Various factors such as environment, intelligence, and food chain status all directly impacted how long these prehistoric animals lived. The T. rex had a reasonably long lifespan as an intelligent and strong apex predator. Read on to find out the average lifespan of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

How Long Did T. Rex Live?

Most carnivorous dinosaurs lived 10–20 years, but the T. rex may have been an exception to this. Scientific study shows they could have lived for around 28 years. Paleontologists have concluded this based on studies of the growth rings on T. rex bones. Most experts agree that T. rex lived even longer than 28 years, but many dinosaur bones are fragmented and harder to study due to natural breakdown.

Interestingly, it took 17 years for these dinosaurs to reach their massive adult size. Moreover, the average Tyrannosaurus rex took approximately 20 years of growth to reach its breeding maturity. This means these prehistoric reptiles had around only eight years to produce offspring.

Which Factors Impacted Life Expectancy?

Numerous factors could positively and negatively impact the average lifespan of a Tyrannosaurus rex. A key reason these dinosaurs lived as long as they did is likely due to their status as apex predators. Fellow beasts of this time were unlikely to pick a fight with the T. rex. Likewise, the Tyrannosaurus rex was a fearless fighter with razor-sharp teeth and claws.

While other species of dinosaurs didn’t intentionally antagonize this prehistoric animal, fellow Tyrannosaurus rexes may have fought for mates, food, or nesting space. Fights between two massive beasts could leave one dead or too injured to care for itself. Likewise, if there wasn’t ample access to prey, a T. rex would have died from starvation.

What Dinosaurs Lived the Longest?

Sauropods had a much longer lifespan than the T. rex and other theropods. Although this may sound strange since herbivores were a dietary staple for dinosaurs like the T. rex, lifespan is about more than fierceness. In fact, specific species, such as the Brachiosaurus, likely lived for around 100 years, which is approximately three times the lifespan of a T. rex.

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