Why Resin Is the Best Material for Model Kits

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Why Resin Is the Best Material for Model Kits

If you buy a model kit, chances are the model is resin. This is because resin typically has few flaws and is smooth, making it look better than other materials. While you shop around for the best dinosaur figures for your collection, discover why resin is the best material for model kits.

Why Is Resin Common?

Resin is common because the material is fairly durable, so you don’t have to worry about your model breaking after you assemble it. Additionally, many collectors prefer resin molds over other materials because it’s often more detailed. Accuracy is key in any model kit, especially when it relates to dinosaurs.

Remember that while resin models are durable, they can crack or break if hit hard enough. So if you have to pack your resin model away, take time to wrap it up.

Painting and Caring for Resin Figures

Many hobbyists know that the painting method for a resin mold differs from that for other materials since you need to sand it then use a primer. However, the process is worth it since you’ll see those fine details shine through after applying the paint!

A few tips on painting resin models go a long way since all materials have slightly different requirements. Most recommend using water and a microfiber cloth to remove dust when maintaining your resin model.

Resin vs. Other Materials

If you’re new to this hobby, you may still wonder why resin is the best material for model kits when there’s plenty to choose from. While other materials, like PVC, are durable and do a great job of holding material, they’re not as easy to sand and shape.

Having a material that’s easy to shape is vital for model kits since it allows for proper assembly. This is especially true when assembling a dinosaur model, as some naturally have a more complex shape. You can only display this accurately with resin.

Where To Buy Resin Dinosaurs

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