5 Paint Tips: A Guide To Painting Resin Models

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5 Paint Tips: A Guide To Painting Resin Models

Painting resin models isn’t quite the same as painting a picture, but every collector needs to know the steps. Whether you’re just starting your dinosaur collection or have recently added resin models to the mix, it’s time to learn how to paint them. In this guide on how to paint resin kits, we’ll give you all the must-know painting tips from preparation to cleanup!

Clean the Model

Although it may be tempting to immediately bring your model to life with some paint, you’ll need to clean it first. This allows the paint to go on with ease and look more even. Some soapy water and a toothbrush are just what you need to remove any dust or dirt remaining on the model.

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Sand Your Model and Patch Holes

Now that your resin dinosaur is squeaky clean, smooth out any sharp edges or ridges you notice. This may require some close inspection, but it’s worth it because once you’ve painted the figure, any rough areas will become obvious if you don’t sand them.

There may also be some holes caused by air bubbles when the mold forms. Fixing this is simple, as you’ll just need some putty for patching. Once the putty dries, remember to go over the area with sandpaper one last time to keep it smooth.

Apply Primer

Adding primer before painting resin models adds texture, which makes it easier for the paint to adhere. Begin by spraying on a single layer, then allowing the model to dry. Often experts apply two coats to ensure the surface has an even covering.


The primer you use should align with the color of paint you’ll add. So use a white primer if you plan on painting with light colors but a black primer for darker colors. If your paint shades are somewhere in between, then try a grey primer. Using the right primer color is vital, as it makes bright colors look more eye-catching.

Paint Your Model

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! The best paint for resin models is acrylic paint. You can pick up acrylic paint for resin figures at a local art store or online. Once you have your paint, start by coating the surface. Remember that full coverage will take several layers of paint, but allow each to dry before adding another. Adding too many layers at once could cause uneven areas or paints to mix.

Apply Varnish

Once you know the paint job on your dinosaur figure looks incredible, apply some varnish to lock those colors in place. A quick layer of varnish locks the colors in and lessens the chances of the paint fading or chipping.

Now that you know how to paint resin kits, you can make your dinosaur figure look true to form! Nothing beats a realistic-looking model, so shop at Creative Beast Studio to find the best resin figurine for your collection.

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