2023 Holiday Dinosaur Collectibles Gift Guide

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The top 5 Dinosaur Action Figures Collectibles that we recommend this holiday season

For the dinosaur enthusiast at heart. The perfect gift you can get for a loved one is a dinosaur collectible figure. These figures have several points of articluation which makes for great posability. Some dinosaurs figures even come with a terrain as well. There are also cool collectible cards included with each dinosaur action figure.

1 The Big Bad Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) – 1/18th Scale

This T. rex is massive in size! This big bad apex predator is the ultimate gift for the holiday. Measuring 27 inches length and featuring 22 points of articulation to achieve the most ferocious poses imaginable. This T. rex comes with interchangeable lower legs, three sets of interchangeable feet, a bendable tail, and an adjustable 2-part base. The color palette on this armored beast skin has a mixture of red pigments, dark brown, tan, and orange.

2. Sinoceratops zhuchengensis – 1/18th Scale

From the ceratopsian family the Sinoceratops is the first and only dinosaur discovered in China. Measuring 16 inches in length and featuring 20 points of articulation, with its prominent horn and frills. The color patterns on this dinosaur are simply breathtaking and looks amazing in anyones dinosaur action figure collector’s collection. The color palette on this herbivore is a series of greens, back, reddish brown, and its tail resembles that of an exotic snake.

3. Pyroraptor olympius ‘Fans Choice’ – 1/6th Scale

From the raptor family we have a fan inspired Pyroraptor olympius deemed the fire thief of olympus this beast is based on a raptor that was discovered after a devestating forest fire in the France region. Measuring 12 inches in length, and featuring 26 points of articulation for the best in motion poses. The color palette on this specimen resembles that of the sun with firey hues of orange and red.

4. Glow-in-the-dark 3 Dinosaur 3 Pack – 1/18th Scale

Turn off the lights and watch these dinosaurs come to life this holiday season. This 3 pack features the razor-clawed Velicoraptor mongoliensis (Red) , the tranquil Protoceratops andrewsi (Blue), and the plant loving Psittacosaurus mongoliensis (Yellow). Measuring at 4 inches in length and has around 12-15 points of articulation.

5. Build-a-Raptor action figure sets – 1/6th Scale

Not sure which raptor your loved one might want this holiday season? Why not get them a figure set that provides the options they need to make their own raptor. You can’t go wrong with either the Velociraptor or the Atricraptor Set. Each set comes with interchangeable heads, jaws, feather neck collars, chest feather attachment, tails, wings, and different sizes claws. These sets pack a lot of value for the amount of options it provides. The sets are unpainted so its great for someone who enjoys painting their own figure.

Not sure which dinosaur your loved one will want? Get them a digital gift card instead.

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