5 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Dinosaur Day in 2024

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5 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Dinosaur Day in 2024

There are days to celebrate all sorts of things, from our pets to pizza, and there’s even a day for dinosaurs. On May 21, 2024, we will observe National Dinosaur Day, which is the perfect time to learn more about these prehistoric creatures. Explore five different things you can do to celebrate Dinosaur Day in 2024.

Go to the Museum

Visiting a natural history museum with fossils allows you to get up close and personal with the prehistoric beasts. This makes learning more fun for people of all ages because it’s an experience! You can view a range of fossils at the history museum as you tour the prehistoric exhibit. Take time to read the exhibit plaques, as these often detail fascinating information about the animal, such as when and where it lived.

Watch Dinosaur Documentaries

While nearly all dinosaur movies are fun, the entertaining ones, like Jurassic Park, aren’t the most accurate. Instead, watch documentaries that will teach you more about these beasts, such as Prehistoric Planet. This docuseries covers various aspects of the prehistoric world and even shows what many dinosaurs may have looked like.

Read About Dinosaurs

Another thing you can do to celebrate Dinosaur Day in 2024 is read about dinosaurs. The best part is it’s ideal for every age group! Young children can flip through picture books, while adolescents and adults can read more advanced literature. Go to your library and check out some books on dinosaurs, or poke around the corners of the internet to fuel your desire for knowledge.

Become a Dinosaur Expert

Going to museums, watching documentaries, and reading about dinosaurs packs your brain with all sorts of knowledge. While you can learn about these animals in general, you can also get specific and become an expert in a single dinosaur species. Once you select a dinosaur species, research the following:

  • Where on Earth it lived
  • Which Mesozoic period it lived during
  • What it ate
  • What it looked like
  • Who its predators were

Dinosaur Day is the time to become an expert in your favorite species. If your friends or family share your passion for dinosaurs, create a group where each of you reads about a prehistoric beast and exchanges knowledge.

Buy Dinosaur Action Figures

If you love dinosaurs, nothing beats owning accurate-looking figures! This is the perfect gift to a dino-lover or for yourself on a day meant to honor these prehistoric beasts. Creative Beast Studio has high-quality dinosaur figures that are the best addition to your collection. Order dinosaur-centric merch that looks like the beasts you love.

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