Why You Should Collect What You Love

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Why You Should Collect What You Love

People collect toys, sports and brand memorabilia, model items, figurines, and many other things. Loving something so much that you start a collection is pretty exciting. Many people search their whole lives for excitement and something to be passionate about. Those of us who adore something so much that we accumulate it in many versions should feel lucky. Here’s why you should collect what you love.

Why We Collect

We collect for many reasons. Often, doing so builds a desire for knowledge of a particular subject. Retaining a lot of knowledge on a particular thing can help boost self-esteem since you’re well-versed on a specific topic. It allows you to fill conversation lulls when talking to people and helps grow confidence; think about how assertively you can talk about things you know well. Many people collect based on nostalgic feelings they get. Perhaps they started their collection as children, maybe they continued a loved one’s collection, or they’re extremely interested in the subject matter of the collectables.

Why Collecting Is Good

Studies show the impulse we have to collect is natural. There are many reasons why we collect, and for some it can be a lifelong activity. In many ways collecting also brings personal pleasure to an individual as they obtain new additions for their collection. Simply put, collecting can make people happy, and things that improve mood and brain performance are worth exploring.

Benefits of Collecting

Collectors appreciate beautiful and unique things. They learn early on how maintaining the condition of treasured items allows them to last and great pride can be derived from such ownership. In addition to gained knowledge and confidence, a collector may also find their habits to be lucrative as many people find themselves with sought-after pieces. One can also open a museum or way of displaying these items; this can pay for their storage as well as the price of obtaining them.

Why It’s Important

Collecting is also beneficial in exploring and expanding one’s self-expression. You can learn a lot about a person by simply seeing what they collect. Collections are a physical expression of someone’s values and interests. In a way, it’s how we build our identity from childhood and continue to learn more about ourselves; it’s a physical timeline of our interests.

So, whether you collect vintage model cars, old Coca-Cola memorabilia, and dinosaur or fantasy dragon model kits from Creative Beast Studio, do it with pride. You’re increasing your knowledge of a particular subject through related objects. Owning what you geek out about is some of the best advice for collectors—you found your passion! There are so many reasons why you should collect what you love, but the number one motivation is because life is too short to not do what you love.

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  1. Best advice relating to collecting ever, I’ve been collecting dinosaurs for 13 years now, and I’m not gonna stop. I look forward to adding some of the Beasts of the Mesozoic dinosaurs to my collection.

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