4 Reasons We Are Still In Love With Dinosaurs

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4 Reasons We Are Still In Love With Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have been a beloved animal and museum exhibit for decades. We also see these prehistoric creatures in movies, books, and other pop culture media, which only adds to their popularity. The question is, why are dinosaurs so popular? After all, they’ve been extinct for millions of years. Read on to learn the top four reasons we are still in love with dinosaurs today!

They’re a Part of History

Many of us find history fascinating because it tells us what Earth was like before we were around. None of us were alive during the Age of Dinosaurs, so we study the species in museums or watch documentaries to learn about the animals.

Learning about how dinosaurs may have lived, what they ate, and how they evolved is fascinating because it gives us a glimpse into our planet’s past. Additionally, history relates to the world we know today. For instance, we may not have creatures such as birds if dinosaurs never existed since they are descendants of theropods.

We Can Safely Interact with Them

Dinosaurs were deadly beasts and coming face-to-face with one would be terrifying. Luckily, we can stand feet away from one in a museum without fear of it seeing us as its next meal.

Since the species is extinct, we can get a close-up look at the creature by studying fossilized remains at dig sites and museums. For some of us, a dinosaur is the closest we’ll ever get to “seeing” a monster or dragon-like creature.

Movies Popularize Them

Another reason we are still in love with dinosaurs is because dinosaurs open our minds up to worlds that don’t exist yet. We can get lost imagining ourselves living alongside the ancient creatures as they roam the Earth.

Although most pop-culture depictions of dinosaurs are inaccurate, they do bring attention to the species. Watching beloved franchises such as The Land Before Time or Jurassic Park can encourage us to learn more about dinosaurs we may not have otherwise heard of, such as the Dilophosaurus. After watching the movies, some of us may feel intrigued and research the truths about the prehistoric reptiles shown on the screen.

We’re Still Making Discoveries

Although scientists have made immense discoveries about dinosaurs, we still don’t know everything. Paleontologists continue to uncover new facts about what the beasts sounded like, looked like, and how they moved. We’ve only unearthed a portion of the many dinosaur species that likely lived throughout the Mesozoic.

Knowing that there’s more information to uncover about dinosaurs sparks our natural sense of curiosity.

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