Could T. Rex Win a Fight With an Apatosaurus?

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Could T. Rex Win a Fight With an Apatosaurus?

Many dinosaur-centric movies depict scenes of docile herbivores going claw-to-claw with the mighty T. rex. This leads to an epic piece of cinematography, but as many of us know, pop culture usually isn’t the best source for accurate dinosaur facts. Still, some of us may wonder if a T. rex could win a fight with an Apatosaurus in real life. Delve into the below facts to know which Mesozoic beast you should place your bets on.

What the T. Rex Brings

As many of us know, the T. rex was one of the fiercest dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous Period and was the apex predator of its territory. A Tyrannosaurus rex had a terrifying bite force of around 12,800 pounds, equaling its weight. It could use its jaws to crush anything of this weight or less. Moreover, this predator was also massive, measuring 12 feet tall and 40 feet long.

Most importantly, the T. rex was fearless, so the thought of a fight wouldn’t worry it. After all, this theropod had razor-sharp claws and rows of sharp teeth that were perfect for tearing into flesh. Combining that with its overall size and bite force makes it a powerful contender.

What the Apatosaurus Brings

Next, we have the Apatosaurus—an enormous sauropod with a long neck. This dinosaur lived throughout the Late Jurassic Period and was far larger than a T. rex. Paleontologists estimate that this herbivore weighed between 36,000 and 49,000 pounds. However, unlike the T. rex, its weight was not equivalent to this dinosaur’s bite force. As a sauropod, the Apatosaurus ate plants, especially leaves from some of the tallest trees.

Thanks to the gigantic size and weight of the Apatosaurus, it would be hard for a T. rex to knock it over. It would take around three Tyrannosaurus rex to equal the weight of just one Apatosaurus, but most evidence shows the predator didn’t hunt in packs. As a result, the Apatosaurus would have the ultimate defense.

Who Would Win?

As we get further into whether a T. rex could win a fight with an Apatosaurus, it’s important to note that, factually speaking, it could never have happened. The T. rex lived during the Late Cretaceous Period, while Apatosaurus lived during the Late Jurassic Period. Due to this, it’s almost impossible to say which one would prevail.

Hypothetically, however, it’s hard to say who the winner would be, as both bring a fair amount of tactics into the Mesozoic ring. While T. rex were intelligent dinosaurs and ready fighters, they’d appear puny side by side with an Apatosaurus. That said, if the Tyrannosaurus rex assembled a team and could knock the Apatosaurus over, it could increase its chances of reigning victor. Still, it’s anyone’s game.

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