How to Care for Your Action Figures

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How to properly care for your action figures

Tip and Tricks to keep your beasts roaring

We strive to provide the best quality for you the consumer for all of our dinosaur action figure collectibles. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to take proper care for your action figures, and ensure that they will last for several years and maybe even a lifetime.

Before you Pose!

When you get your awesome new dinosaur action figures from Creative Beast Studio make sure you do not force the joints if they are stiff. Instead place the figure in warm water for about 10-15 seconds or so and then try to move the joints slowly. If still stiff increase to a hotter temperature of water but not boiling and try again.

Avoiding the dust

If you leave your dinosaur figures out on the shelf they will most likely get dusty. If it a good idea to take a soft brush and gently brush away dust periodically. You can also wash in warm water with a soft cloth. Never use any cleaning products as it can damage the paint and or plastic of your model. A great way to avoid dust altogether is to pose your beasts in a glass cabinet. Ikea for example sells glass Detolfs which are great for storing all your action figures in general.

Action Figure care

Watch out for the Sun and heat

Extended periods of direct sunlight can diminish the shelf life of your dinosaur action figures. If you have your figures near a heater or any other heat source it can actually melt the plastic and ruin the paint job which should be avoid at all costs.

Give your action figures the care it needs

Following the tips above is a great way to make sure that your dinosaur action figures last throughout the years. So now that you know how to properly care for your dinosaur action figure collectibles. Shop our store and get one for yourself or a family member.

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