All About Velociraptor Toes and Talons

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All About Velociraptor Toes and Talons

It’s no wonder why velociraptors are still incredibly recognizable today, nearly 72 million years after their demise. That’s because they are fascinating creatures with frightening attributes that send shivers down our spine.

While certain movies might dramatize their abilities, the fear Velociraptors can instill is all too real. Can you imagine what it might feel like to find yourself in the clutches of their terrifying talons? Quench your curiosity and find out all you need to know about Velociraptor toes and talons.

Swift Seizer

Did you know that the term Velociraptor means “swift seizer” in Latin? In fact, raptor means “robber,” and that name is no mistake, as these Velociraptors would rob you of your life in an instant. These swift monsters were bipedal, so they could move exceptionally fast. What’s more, they weren’t larger than your modern-day turkey, which means they were also quite light, making them swift and quick and enabling them to clutch and slash their prey with ease.

Clutch and Slash

You can likely surmise what the “clutch and slash” is, but we’ll explain further. The “clutch and slash” is the method that paleontologists believe Velociraptors used to render their prey immobile. Velociraptors would use their toes and talons to grasp and kill other animals. It may seem shocking, but this method is not much different than the ways modern animals survive in the wild.

The Killer Claw

You’d think that in order to swiftly and mortally maim prey, a Velociraptor would need a rather sharp claw, right? That’s correct, and that claw is what many refer to as the “Killer Claw,” a name that spares zero hyperbole. Velociraptors would use their claws to climb, hunt, and eventually pin their prey.

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