Who First Theorized That Birds Evolved From Dinosaurs?

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Who First Theorized That Birds Evolved From Dinosaurs?

Most modern paleontologists agree that birds stem from the same family tree as dinosaurs. Like any scientific theory, this hypothesis came from an observant scientist who uncovered some fascinating facts. Discover who first theorized that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

Who Theorized Dinosaurs Became Birds?

Scientists have studied fossils and dinosaurs for centuries, but society didn’t always know that a relative of the Mesozoic beasts still lives among us. Biologist and anthropologist Thomas Henry Huxley became one of the first experts to see the connection between dinosaurs and birds in the late 1860s.

Huxley theorized this because birds have distinct similarities to dinosaurs, most notably members of the theropod family. Both animals share a similar bone structure, and birds also have a similar palate bone to theropods. By today’s standards, Huxley’s finding marked a massive turning point in dinosaur history, but most individuals in the 1800s disregarded his controversial hypothesis.

Who Helped Prove Huxley’s Theory?

Now that we know who first theorized that dinosaurs evolved from dinosaurs let’s get into who popularized this hypothesis. Nearly 100 years passed before another scientist added note-worthy proof to Huxley’s theory. Paleontologist John Ostrom shared Huxley’s theory that dinosaurs and birds share familial ties in the 1970s.

Ostrom saw similar rarities in the Archaeopteryx and the Deinonychus. Moreover, both dinosaurs had birdlike features, including feathers; paleontologists concluded this theory because of feather impressions found in numerous fossils. Thanks to Ostrom’s research and discovery, we now know that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

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Birds and dinosaurs share several distinct traits, including three-clawed feet, wing-like structures, and feathers. Numerous birds, such as hawks, also have a carnivorous diet.

How Could Dinosaurs Become Birds?

It’s strange to think that a chicken, robin, or even a hawk can come from the same family tree as a theropod. How do you get a hawk from a Velociraptor? The answer lies in natural selection and genetics; both influenced the evolution of some dinosaur species.

Smaller, feathered dinosaurs were more likely to survive since they had more hiding places as the Mesozoic Era reached a close. With feathers and a petite body, the beasts may have glided, not flown, to easily get from tree to tree.

The fittest dinosaurs survived and passed on these essential traits for millions of years. The species continued to change, shrink, and eventually learn to fly as a result. Eventually, we’d have the birds we recognize today—animals that share a familiarity with Mesozoic beasts.

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