Size Matters: Understanding the Scale & Growth of Dinosaurs

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Size Matters: Understanding the Scale & Growth of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs came in many shapes and sizes throughout the Mesozoic era, with some of the most significant living during the Cretaceous period. Each end of the size spectrum has many pros and cons that influence an animal’s chances of survival. Uncover why size mattered for dinosaurs and develop your understanding of the scale and growth of dinosaurs in this post.

How Growth Rates Impacted Dinosaurs

Like many animals today, dinosaurs grew at differing rates. Smaller dinosaurs grew faster than large ones. Because of the energy required, a velociraptor would have a faster growth rate than massive beasts such as Brachiosaurus. The bigger an animal is, the more energy the body needs to fuel it and encourage growth; building up that energy takes time, which leads to a slower growth rate for large creatures.

How Size Impacted Mesozoic Survival

It’s essential to see the effects of size on a creature’s survival when exploring the scale and growth of dinosaurs. According to science experts, the typical lifespan of dinosaurs varied for all species. While many factors influence lifespan, size was key.

Most of the largest dinosaurs also had long lifespans, especially when compared to smaller beasts, due to their energy expenditure. Since larger beasts burned energy at slower rates, they generated cells more gradually; the slower progression of cellular replication often means a longer lifespan.

How Size Effected a Species Evolution

While being big was a benefit during the Mesozoic Era, it hindered a species as the Age of Dinosaurs ended. Smaller therapods continued evolving, eventually branching off into a species we see today—birds! Large therapods such as the T. rex could not evolve in part because of their size, and a lack of development was one of many factors that led to their extinction.

A smaller prehistoric reptile had more places to hide, given their compact size. Therefore, the more stout they became, the easier it was to access resources. Once the bird species branched off, the animal could reach new heights by flying. This wasn’t and isn’t possible with large creatures because their bone structure and weight both hinder their ability to fly.

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